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Flares used in Ireland mountain search

Mayo Mountain rescue

White parachute flares were deployed in the search for two people lost on Croaghaun Mountain, in County Mayo, Ireland.

A team from Mayo Mountain Rescue Team was called out one night in December to join Achill Island Coast Guard and the Gardai in a search for two missing female walkers in bad weather.

Rescuers say, “The conditions in Achill at the time were dark, high winds, F6 /F7, with driving rain and heavy fog. Probably the worst conditions to search in. Due to the fog, the Irish Coast Guard Rescue helicopter from Sligo could not be used.”

The rescuers searched the Deserted Village area and fired white parachute flares to see if the walkers would respond, as intermittent contact had been made with them. They then widened the search area and discovered the casualties could see vehicle lights at the Acorrymore Lake.

The team eventually reached the walkers at just around midnight - four and a half hours after setting out - on steep ground above the north-eastern end of the lake.

One female was treated for a lower leg injury. Both walkers were then assisted off the hill to an awaiting ambulance.

Jan 08, 2018