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Sailors’ Society launches Wellness at Sea online


International maritime welfare charity, Sailors’ Society, has launched its Wellness at Sea coaching programme online.

The e-learning platform, which was previously only available in a classroom setting, is now open to seafarers around the world for just US$3 per user. For details visit:

WesCom Signal and Rescue sponsored the 2018 Wellness at Sea Conference, as part of its commitment to seafarers’ wellbeing. 

Sandra Welch, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Sailors’ Society, says, “Seafarers are the lifeblood of world trade and our latest Wellness at Sea conference highlighted yet again how important it is that the human element be valued, supported and invested in if it is to be an effective force within the industry.

“Long contracts and busy schedules are not always conducive to classroom-based training, so we’re very excited to be able to offer an online version of the course. We hope that Wellness at Sea e-learning will prove a useful tool, giving seafarers and companies alike greater flexibility and access to this highly valuable skillset.”

Wellness at Sea seeks to enable seafarers to improve their health and well-being along with the safe running of their ships.

The course takes between 14 and 20 hours to complete. Those who finish their first module by 26 October 2018 will be entered into a prize draw for Amazon vouchers, with a US$100 voucher for the winner and US$25 vouchers for four runners-up.

Some content has been adapted to suit online delivery, but the framework, philosophy and outcomes are the same as the classroom-based coaching and participants receive a course certificate on completion. 

The launch came in time for Day of the Seafarer 2018 on 25 June, which highlights good practice and encourages the development of strategies to tackle issues affecting seafarers' mental health.

Johan Smith, Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea programme manager, says, “More than 4,000 have benefitted from the Wellness at Sea coaching programme, but by providing the course online, we are opening this fantastic training up to thousands more.

“We are constantly seeking to improve the platform and are very aware of the difficulties seafarers can face with access to Wi-Fi, so we are also looking at options for an offline version.”

More than 1,000 seafarers participated in the extensive testing stage of the site, ensuring its quality and accessibility.

This year marks Sailors’ Society’s 200th anniversary of supporting seafarers and their families.

Jul 02, 2018