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US boater sends up flares after battery died


An elderly boater fired flares and was rescued in a village near Michigan, USA, after his boat battery failed.

Late one evening in June, the marine division of Sanilac County Sheriff's Office received a call from a member of the public at Port Sanilac who saw a stationary vessel without lights and an accompanying emergency flare.

Deputies responded to the reported location in their patrol boat and began searching the area using one of their FLIR infrared units due to low light conditions, says Sgt. Matt Armstrong.

 A 58-year-old male from Sandusky assisted Deputies using his personal boat, according to the Sanilac County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

A sailboat was found with a 78-year-old male from Port Sanilac on board. It was around 3-4 nautical miles northeast of Port Sanilac in some 50 feet of water.

The boat battery had died, leaving the 17-foot Shamrock sailboat without power. The man’s cell phone battery was dead and he lit three flares so he could receive help. He was wearing a life jacket.

Sheriff’s Deputies towed the boat to the Port Sanilac Harbor.

Port Sanilac Fire Department also assisted in the rescue.

The main image of Sanilac Harbor is from Wikipedia and is taken by Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Jul 10, 2018