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Thankful for Thanksgiving rescue

Charleston boat

A US boater who fired flares after getting into difficulty was especially thankful for being rescued at Thanksgiving.

The 27-foot boat Hay Seed became disabled and drifted into the Charleston Harbor south jetty, South Carolina, on Thanksgiving evening, towards the end of November 2018.

The lone sailor fired flares, which were seen by Coast Guard Air Station Savannah MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew on patrol.

Local agencies, including the Charleston Fire Department, arrived, but were unable to reach the vessel, due to severe weather conditions.

The helicopter crew hoisted the boater and transported him to the Charleston Coast Guard Air Facility. He was checked but found to have no medical concerns

The vessel is being monitored while the owner creates a salvage plan, say the authorities.

The image is courtesy of the United States Coast Guard.

Nov 29, 2018