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Fisherman fires flare as boat overturns

SES Kiama

A fisherman fired an orange flare in North South Wales, Australia, before a boat overturned, trapping him underneath.

Fortunately, rescuers reached the man, who was unconscious after being submerged for three minutes, and brought him to shore at Bombo Beach, where CPR was performed.

The 15-foot boat capsized after suffering engine problems and being hit by strong waves, throwing the fisherman and his colleague overboard, reports the Illawarra Mercury.

The companion swam ashore for help. Three people swam out, rescued the unconscious man and brought him ashore.

An off-duty member of the Kiama State Emergency Service (SES) unit was part of the rescue and began performing "rescue breath" until paramedics arrived.

Kiama Council lifeguard coordinator Andy Mole and members from the Kiama and Kiama Downs Surf Life Saving Clubs arrived to assist.

The image is from the SES Kiama Facebook page.

Apr 15, 2019