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Flares help reduce fatalities on Canadian waters

Safe Boating Guide

Flares are among vital safety equipment that can help reduce fatalities on Canadian waters.

Around 100 people die on the water in Canada each year, according to estimates in the Safe Boating Guide, from Transport Canada.

Now, reality star and one-time Conservative leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary, who was on board a vessel involved in a fatal crash, is urging boaters to take appropriate safety measures, reports CTV.

Alcohol is a factor in about 40% of all boating fatalities and impaired boating -- either with alcohol or drugs -- is illegal. Each province or territory has its own rules.

All boats -- including kayaks, canoes and kiteboards -- are required to have a lifejacket or a Personal Floatation Device for each passenger. Around 90% of people who drown in boating accidents are not wearing life jackets.

Flares are among safety equipment required on most boats longer than six metres.

Although there are fewer requirements for kayakers on the water, aside from wearing a life jacket, signaling devices should also be kept on board in the event of an emergency, advises Transport Canada.

Sep 17, 2019