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Crashed motorboat driver fires flares to gain help

Boat capsizes

A motorboat driver who crashed into a Lake Erie breakwater fired flares to gain help, it is reported.

The driver and three others on the boat, Hail Mary, were rescued by US Coast Guards and the Cleveland Fire Department, reports the 19news website.

The boat crashed into a break wall near Edgewater Beach one night in October, says Cleveland Fire Department.

They were pulled from the boat, taken back to shore and were examined by paramedics. Two went onto hospital.

Images of the stranded boat were posted on Facebook by Ohio broadcaster Harry Boomer.

Captain Dan Saksa, of Cleveland Marine Towing, told 19 News, "It seems like [the driver] hit the lower level of rocks which just propelled him to elevate to the top. [It appears] like the gentleman was just leaving the port and didn't realize that brick wall was there."

Oct 09, 2019