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Flares help rescue of Icelandic fishermen


Three fishermen were rescued in Iceland after their fishing boat sank and flares were spotted.

The 61-ton boat Blida SH sank one morning in November in good visibility and sea conditions at Breiðafjörðurfjord, West Iceland. The cause of the incident is being investigated.

The boat disappeared from the Coast Guard’s mandatory notification system and flares were spotted.

A rescue helicopter and boats investigated and other marine craft were asked to help.

Around 90-minutes later, three men in an upturned lifeboat were picked by the fishing ship Leyni SH, says the Icelandic Coast Guard.

“The collaboration of rescuers and boats in the area was absolutely exemplary, and the men were rescued onto the fishing ship just over half an hour after the emergency call was made.”

The image is from Wikipedia is of an island at Breiðafjörðurfjord and is reproduced under Creative Commons. It was taken by Alchemist-hp.

Nov 13, 2019