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Call to carry personal flares during watersports


Watersports enthusiasts should take personal flares with them in case they get into difficulty.

So says Nigel Snowshall, of Exmouth Beach Rescue Club, who warns of a recent incident when a windsurfer got into trouble.

The windsurfer was caught in strong tides, winds and heavy seas, and was being blown out to sea, reports the Exmouth Journal. Fortunately, he was seen by members of the public, who summoned help.

The club's rescue boat arrived in minutes and took the uninjured windsurfer safely to shore.

Mr Showshall says, “It is vital for anyone undertaking activities on the sea to check the conditions thoroughly. Tides can play a major part, as can wind strength and direction. If you do not have a marine band VHF radio, you should not rely solely on mobile phones as a method to call for help.”

He concludes, “For activities like windsurfing, kite surfing or kayaking, personal flares are recommended especially if you venture out alone.”

The image is a stock picture of a windsurfer and is not from the Exmouth incident.

Mar 26, 2020