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Jet skiers in Australia use flares to alert rescuers


Three jet skiers who got into trouble on the water in Queensland, Australia, let off flares to alert rescuers.

The trio was rescued off Noosa after one of their jet skis took on too much water.

Police asked the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter to find the trio after the flares were spotted on the shore, according to Westpac's Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter's Facebook.

The jet skiers were spotted one day in July and the helicopter guided the Coast Guard to the three people and two craft, one of which was disabled.

Air Crewman Sean Orsborn says the flares ensured the crew quickly found the jet skiers.

“A member of the public sighted the flares being deployed and called emergency services. We were already in the air on a routine patrol so were able to respond immediately to assist in the search for the distressed vessel.

“We located two jet skis and three riders. One of the skis had started taking on water and was partially submerged.”

Boaters should always carry appropriate safety equipment, including flares, he says.

“If they weren’t prepared and didn’t have flares it might have been some time before they received help.”

The image is from Westpac's Facebook page.

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Jul 28, 2020