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Off-duty Florida firefighter responds to flare

Todd rescue

An off-duty firefighter-Emergency Medical Technician rescued a group of boaters from a sinking boat in Florida, USA.

Firefighter-EMT Todd Schwalbe, from Charlotte County Fire and EMS Marine Operations, responded after seeing a flare gun fired.

The off-duty Florida firefighter was captaining his boat with a crew of divers 15 miles off the coast, when he noticed the boaters in distress, says a CCF and EMS Facebook post.

Todd went to their aid and then called in the Coast Guard and Venice Police Department. “We spend many hours training for the job, so it is always rewarding to be in the right place at the right time with the proper training to make a difference.”

Julio Morales was on the sinking boat. He said Todd Schwalbe "was the only one that responded to our flare gun and waving with our diving flag." 

"I cannot [imagine] the chaos in our country without the services of these heroes that are always risking [their] lives to serve and help our citizens, even when they are NOT on duty."

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Jul 28, 2020